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Sunnyside Records 2009

​Venissa Santí: Vocals, Arranger
Michael Rodriguez: Trumpet
Robert Rodriguez: Piano
Yunior Terry: Bass
François Zayas: Drums
Cuco Castellanos: Congas
Special guest:​
Jef Lee Johnson: Guitar and Bass
Barry Sames: Organ
Daoud Shaw: Production Engineer ​Mastered by Alan Tucker​

Radio Active Productions

Featured on:

Bronwen Exter 

"Never Invited You"

"All it Takes"

tracks 1 and 2

EP sold out

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 6.54.44 PM.png

"Songs with Venissa" Featuring:

Philadelphia based ~ "dj pe"

available for digital download

 released 2019

Sunnyside Records 2013

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 6.21.32 PM.png

Venissa Santí: Vocalist, Producer
Tim Thompson: Trumpet
Chris Aschman: Trumpet, and

Flugel horn
John Stenger: Piano
Jason Fraticelli: Bass
Francois Zayas: Drums

Percussion Arranger, Producer
Cuco Castellanos: Congas
Madison Rast: Bass 
Paul Klinefelter: Contrabass
Special guest:
Jef Lee Johnson: Guitar 
Produced, and  Mixed by

Engineer Daoud Shaw

at Radio Active Productions. 

Mastered by Katsuhiko Naito

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 6.23.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 6.05.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 6.04.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 6.04.36 PM.png

Alo Brasil

"Deusa du Ebanu"

track 8

dj pe 

"El Tajonero"

track 8

Gina Ferrera

"Curls "

Track 2

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